29 October 2004

GreenspeakI'm totally bummed that I missed seeing this greenspeak in person, but totally psyched that it formed today's sweet MIT variation. As for last night, well, you can read some good details in other places. Me? I'm just glad I'll be getting something approximating a full night's sleep tonight.

The last two weeks have left me feeling like I need to sit down and really write the treatise on the Red Sox and baseball I've had percolating in the back of my mind. So far, though, I've been too exhausted or distracted to do much other than read other people's coverage. Maybe this weekend? We'll see, I guess. In the meantime, a few random thoughts:

  • Toasted ravioli?! Is this really a St. Louisian delicacy? Ok, I can see how it might be fun to do the silly "food bet" on the World Series and all, but St. Louis totally sucks! Was Menino getting heavy odds on this? Seems like he's offering a whole spread (with two distinct lobster bakes) for some raviolis and "Anheuser Busch products" (translation: a six pack of Bud).

  • I take it for granted there will be some kind of "commemorative DVD" for all this, but what I'd really like is to actually get a DVD set with all 14 full-length post season games.

  • I have been beyond unproductive at work these past two weeks. Even when I'm not reading articles about baseball I'm thinking about baseball. Between that and my cold I've accomplished nothing.

  • Can you imagine what kind of money they could've made if they decided to film "Still We Believe" this year?

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