15 July 2004

You Too Can Be a Part of the World Salsa Record

My boss came into the office today claiming there's a rumor spreading around Whitehead that as part of Cambridge's "Unconventional City" promotion during the DNC, up to 60,000 salsa dancers might turn up in the intersection of Main & Vassar Streets (right beneath my office window).

Turns out it's true, although I think the 60,000 might be a typo for 6,000. Evidently "Legendary Salsa artist" Willie Colon will be performing a free Salsa concert in the middle of the street, and will attempt to break the World Salsa Record which was previously set in October 2000 when ~3700 people salsa danced for 5 minutes in Barcelona.

We'll be serving popcorn in my office while watching the festivities. An equally good view can be had from Building 32, I suspect.

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