19 July 2004


My Dad had been trying to talk me into going to see NASCAR*3D at the Aquarium IMAX theatre for a few months now. We finally went yesterday and I have to admit that it was much cooler than I expected. I hadn't been to a 3D movie in ages, so that was kind of a neat experience in itself. But the best part was definitely watching the garage and pit crews in action.

These guys are totally nuts. The car pulls into the pitstop at 50MPH, screeches to a halt and these guys change four tires, refuel the car and perform whatever other maintenance is necessary in something like 13 seconds. First a guy sticks a jack under one side and then literally jumps in the air onto the 7' lever arm and rides it down using all his weight to bring the car off the ground in one stroke. 5 seconds worth of pneumatic wrenching and the tires are off and replaced. Repeat on the other side while another guy is pouring fuel into the back of the car and you're off.

Plus, they completely break down the engine after every freakin' race. They showed footage of these guys with a little plastic box with slots for each frigging bolt and piece of the engine as they tear it down, inspect for wear and then rebuild it.

Also, there was the necessary footage of rednecks sitting outside their RV's.

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