14 July 2004

Clearance Sale

So I was reminded today that I need to start getting rid of all the stuff I've accumulated before I move overseas this fall. Most of this stuff will probably eventually be posted to craigslist in the hope that I can give it away instead of having to pack it up and move it some place myself.

In the meantime, anybody reading this is welcome to the following furniture items which I desperately need to unload. All you need to do is show up at my apartment and cart it off:

  • Steelcase desk, probably about 4' X 3' or so. In good shape.

  • Yellow steel shelving system which I may or may not have stolen from putz last summer. About 7' high with adjustable shelves.

  • Vanilla twin-sized bed. I probably need to hold onto this one until I'm ready to move.

  • 4 drawer dresser in respectable shape.

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