15 June 2004


No, I'm not talking about Goose, I'm talking about the amazing Coors Light commercial. The Silver Bullet has far and away been leading the pack of beer advertising lately. Wingman is a true classic, but the recent "Man on the Silver Mountain" series has been quality also.

For those of you who want to perform your own wingman tribute, check this skrit out.

Two more comments before I shut up:

  1. The one flaw in that wingman ad is that the shackling girl is pretty good looking. I realize the implication is that she's a hose beast, but imagine the following scene: You're hanging out in a bar with music so loud that you can't hear what this girl is saying and you're totally bombed. Are you really going to care that she's annoying as hell? Why not just check her the funk out?

  2. Googling for coors wingman returns almost entirely bløgs. This really is becoming a huge factor in interwang content, and I stand by my previous assertions that the bløgosphere is replacing the personal web page as the common man's gate to the world of online.

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