17 June 2004


Today is a good day.

I presented some data from the Human HapMap Project to the Broad Institute Medical & Population Genetics group. It's what's sometimes called a "supergroup" meeting where lots of lab groups come together (in this case once a week) and present recent work on a rotating schedule. This week was the Broad HapMap group, and I was tapped (along with 2 others) to talk for 15 minutes. It was a good intermediate step between presenting to a group of people you know really well and presenting to complete strangers. I knew most of the 50 or so people in the room, but there were some I didn't, and there's definitely a good sprinkling of hard-assed PI's to ask obnoxious questions. So like I said, good practice. The talk went just fine and now it's over, so I can get drunk. Well maybe not quite yet.

The other big work-news of the day is that I'm finally submitting my first first-author paper. It's to a smaller, specialty journal, but it is a big deal to get your very first bit of work published that you can really call your own. I'm pretty psyched about it, especially because Mark has been dragging his feet on this for a while (not because he hates me—just because he's supernaturally busy).

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