05 May 2004

Peformance Mode

I'm in that mode that I get in during prod week where I've constantly got lines from my play running through my mind. The abrupt increase in dramatic activity always gets a couple of speeches or scenes jumping around inside my head. So for those of you who are not involved but may be subjected to my presence in the next few days, I apologize, but:

"Because I am not so clever as you, not so quick. Can you believe it has taken me this long to realize...I am a lie? To fall headlong into the blackness and see that the temple in my mind is a construction of self-delusion and that the keystone of its central arch is a breath of air? But it has taken me this long. I have lived all these years on that single breath. Led congregations in prayer all these years on it. Now I finally taste how stale and close is that air."

And now you know the kind of ornate verbiage Max has forced me to use.

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