14 April 2004


My order from Thompson arrived yesterday. I had forgotten how enjoyable a good smoke can be. I don't think I'd had quality cigars in probably 8 or 9 months. In any event, I spent a good 1/2 hour on le balcon with a glass of port and one of Thompson's own "Green Iguana" cigars. It was a little acidic for my taste, but smoothed out rather nicely toward the end.

I was caught with my proverbial pants down when the shipment arrived so quickly. I had checked the website that day and it was listed as "In warehouse awaiting pickup". Imagine my surprise when they arrived at about 6PM that very day. My humidor hadn't been properly seasoned to accept cigars since it had been empty for a couple of years. Last night I set it up to absorb moisture overnight and all day today. Hopefully by the time I get home it will be ready for me to stock it up with my new goodies. Yippee!

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