16 February 2004


Spent Friday afternoon to Sunday evening with some Whitehead people at Killington VT. The skiing itself was fabulous; it had been years since I'd had a chance to ski with some people who were of approximately equal ability. We skied all day Saturday and Sunday; it was cool to have some good ski buddies for part of the time, and fun to do a few more challenging runs by myself on Sunday morning.

On Friday and Saturday evenings we hung out in our "family room" at the motel we were staying at. The place had clearly been decorated in 1972 and never updated in the past 30 years. The walls were papered with dark, velveteen-textured fleurs-de-lis. The lights were all translucent orange glass affairs hanging from chains such that even with them all on the room had a dim, sleazy feel. With enough gin and champagne (or "champers" as the British blokes call it) we were still able to have a good time.

I also pinpointed why I love skiing so much: the entire experience is immersive. While you're skiing, you're just thinking about skiing. There's no time to worry about work or women or where your life is going. While you're actually on the slopes you're completely focused on where to make your next turn or how much to edge on the ice. Then, while riding the lift or standing in line you're chatting about the next run or looking at the snow. It's a great way to spend the whole day outdoors without any distractions.

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