31 January 2004

Marathon Session

After dinner tonight I worked on my current project of transforming an antique stereo cabinet into a TV table/cabinet for our living room. As usual, my carpentry leaves a lot to be desired: the end product will be pretty ugly looking. I guess I'm not patient enough to get it just right, like Scott.

At about 10:30 I decided to join MRhe in the poker lounge. A conversation at dinner had given me the idea to try the 10-20 Hold 'Em game at UltimateBet more frequently. I discovered that the game is definitely juicy, but also very dangerous.

I had one of those streaks of cards where you get monster hole cards which totally miss the flop. This was compounded by a few flopped flush draws which didn't pan out and then a few hands where I made calls on the end which were clearly mistakes. The bottom line was that after a couple of hours I was stuck on the order of $600 and wavering dangerously close to busting my online stake.

I hit a couple pots and then hit another rough run and it was suddenly 2AM and I was still hovering around that -$600 mark. I was getting pretty exhausted at this point but I was determined to make some of it back before I gave up. Thankfully I was able to stave off sleepiness and catch a couple of lucky breaks. I was in one three handed pot where all of us had an ace and I was outkicked by both dudes when the flop was A high. Thankfully I turned aces up and took down a $300 pot. A couple minor victories later and I flopped a set of Queens from the small blind and two callers gave me action all the way down. At the end of that hand I was holding firm at $1006, showing a monster $6 profit.

I played around to my blinds and dropped $30 on KQ before calling it quits. I'm not sure I'll ever be so happy with a -$24 session again.

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