23 January 2004

Big Fish

I saw Big Fish last night. It was a really nice piece of filmmaking, and it reminded me of my thinking about writing for the stage. The first job of the author is to tell a story. Big Fish tells a lot of stories, including the central one which links all the others together. I think it succeeds because it never wanders too far from telling that story by indulging in fluff or outrageous fortune.

I do think that they could've handled a few things better in terms of the film itself. The bit where the goon from his high school is reintroduced as his love's fiancé is over the top. We know who he is because the Ewan McGregor sports-hero sequence left us wondering why this dude was being highlighted. And the coda should've been cut short right after the funeral. But I guess those are two nit-picky personal preferences.

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